Sunday, November 21, 2010

2008 - Kuma from One year old to Two years old

December 30th, 2007
 Kuma is now faster than Orion... so, it's Orion having to chase Kuma.
 Orion getting closer!
 Kuma and Orion resting after their game of chase
 January 11, 2008
Kuma and Ginger meet for the first time
 Kuma, always smiling
 Kuma and baby Ginger
 Bull Run get together March 29, 2008
Misty getting a treat from Wanda, and Kuma hoping to get one too.
 Burke Lake dog park get together April 15, 2008
 SSDCA-MAC Spring Specialty June 1st, 2008 in PA
Kuma and Olga during show
 Kuma and Orion at Michelle Schubring's house
June 21st, 2008
 Homecoming 2008
David Barber showing Kuma during Junior Handling
 Homecoming 2008
Judge Fred Lanting and Olga setting up Kuma for picture
 Homecoming 2008
Olga pretending she can run Kuma, with Sheila showing Joy behind us
 Homecoming 2008 family reunion
Ander with Michelle Watson, Buckshot (older brother) with Barb Cullen (our breeder), 
Kuma with Olga and Nero with Sarah
 Another family reunion picture
SESSA-MAC October 10th, 2008 event
Kuma and Olga with Tina judging Baer with Laura
 Kuma competing against future girlfriend Ginger shown by Don
October 10, 2008
 Kuma in our backyard
October 14th, 2008
 Kuma and Orion playing in our back yard
 Christmas 2008
Kuma is now 2 years old, and Orion 5
Kuma, chewing on bone, Christmas 2008
 Orion checking out what Kuma is chewing, Christmas 2008
 Christmas 2008
Kuma on our bed
 Kuma, my happy boy, always smiling

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