Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kuma becomes a daddy

The Ginger/Kuma Litter born 12-27-10

Their 7 pups at 7 weeks

Ginger and pups - 2 days old

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kuma and Ginger playing - video

Kuma and Mali playing - video

2010 - Kuma from Three years to present

February 7, 2010 
2010 started with more snow... silly mom thought she should shovel us a path.. hah!
February 21, 2010
 Orion's birthday cheeseburgers... he was a good brother, he shared them with me.
April 10, 2010 
SSDCA-MAC April specialty with my mom
 April 10, 2010
Kristy Iusi showing me in the ring
 May 29-30, 2010
Memorial Day Specialty
Hanging out with mom
 More hanging out with mom
 Memorial Day Specialty
Won Best Of Breed Plush! Here with judge Shelly Hennessy
 Meeting my nephews, sons of brother Yo-na and his lovely Emma
Bruno with Virginia, Kuma and mom, Sir Tylar and Carol and Smokey with grandma Sue
 I gotta teach these younguns to look at the camera... sheesh
 Homecoming August 2010
Visiting Letchworth Park's upper falls, August 19th
 More falls at Letchworth Park
Homecoming 2010
 Me and my buddy David who did a great job showing me for my mom
Homecoming 2010
I see a girl!
Let me go see that girl David!
Ah! It's BJ!
 Hi BJ!
 Kuma really focuses on his girls! LOL
April and Olga walking with Kuma during HC pics taken by Deb M.
 Homecoming 2010
Meeting up with my nephew Sir Tylar again. Joe, April and Carol looking on
Homecoming 2010
Kuma watching the goings on during HC... taken by Margaret B.
Homecoming 2010
Regal Kuma looking on while mom reads, pic taken by Linda P.
Homecoming 2010
Kuma wins National Select title, with proud mom, Lisa Barber and Laura Kathryn, pic taken by Karen Ursel
 October 9, 2010
SSDCA-MAC Fall Specialty
Kuma being shown by Shani Gadwaw
October 9, 2010
SSDCA-MAC Fall Specialty
Kuma wins Best In Show! His first adult BIS title!
proud mom and judge Carrie Chase
 October 28, 2010
Kuma wooing his girl Ginger
October 28, 2010 
Beautiful Ginger in the Fall leaves
October 29, 2010
Kuma and Ginger in their love nest
 November 14, 2010
Kuma wooing his girl Mali who just wanted to play
 November 14, 2010
Beautiful Mali
 November 14, 2010
Kuma being the lady's man, pic taken by Steve M.
 Kuma and Mali

December 3rd, 2010
 Kuma's 4th Birthday, he gets his cheeseburger!

 Can I have it now mom, can I?

 Yum, Yum! It is good!

 What's that? Looks like a flat lion!

 Is it my new toy lion?

It is! Mom says I can't eat it though... but, it's good to chew on!

Merry Christmas 2010!

Kuma is now a daddy! Ginger with their brood, born December 27th, 2010
Five boys and Two girls!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

2009 - Kuma from Two years old to Three years old

 May 23, 2009
NBC-CLASS show Memorial Day weekend
 Michelle with Ginger and Kuma with Olga
Kuma's and Ginger's official engagement picture.
 Family reunion at Memorial Day show
Olga w/ Kuma, Lisa w/Yo-na and Sarah with Nero
 More family reunion
Sarah w/ Nero, Olga w/ Kuma, Michelle w/ Ander lying down and son Waylon, and Lisa w/ Yo-na
 Kuma looking good, despite of Olga.
 May 29 2009 Bull Run meet and greet
Kuma and Orion jailed
 Bull Run get together
Josh Schubring with Kuma and Olga with Orion
 June 7th, 2009
Kuma and Orion in living room
 June 7th, 2009
Orion and Kuma in backyard
 June 22, 2009 Kuma's picture for adult papers
 June 20th, 2009 Grand Island show
August 1st, 2009
 Kuma at Aurelio's pool trying to decide if he was going in or not
"I don't know mom, this look too deep"
 Oh yes... this feels sooo good!
 Glad you talked me into it mom! I feel so much cooler!
Homecoming August 2009
Kuma and Orion watching the goings on
 Homecoming 2009
Line up for Best Of Breed competition
 Joy with Sheila, Kuma with Rick and Ander with Kristy
 Kuma during HC 2009
Sister Ander with Kristy Iusi, Kuma with Rick Foreman
Ander wins Best Of Breed, Kuma wins Best Opposite Sex
 Kuma wins Best Opposite Sex at HC 2009. Shown by Rick Foreman
Homecoming 2009 
Sister Ander, shown by Kristy Iusi, and Kuma shown by Rick Foreman
 Blizzard of December 19, 2009
Kuma, now 3 years old, trying to decide how far to go
 Kuma takes the plunge
Weeeiiiiii This is fun Orion! You should try it!